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At Shield's we like to keep bat control simple. We understand no one wants these little critters flying around their home. Bats can be a great pain to any home owner as they're known for building large colonies, carrying a lot of disease as well as rabies.

If you suspect you have bats in your home, call and set up an appointment and we will send a technician to your home to ensure your peace of mind. Your problem is our problem. We'll make sure when we leave, you feel safe to be in your home again. That's a Shield's Guarantee.

Signs to look for:


Black Stains

Often times bats will leave a black residue on the areas they are entering. This residue is called "sebum". It can be hard to see as bats like to enter on the high points of houses and takes a trained eye to see.

A very obvious sign that you have bats inside of your home is seeing guano. These can be found in different locations of the house, and commonly found in the attic space when decorations or other objects are being retrieved from the attic 


Bats have a very strong pheromone that can often times give away that they're inside of your home. This smell is a strong ammonia smell and can smell very musty as well. Don't breathe in to much of this as it is very bad for you.

Visual Sighting

Along with smell, droppings or any other signs, if you've seen one in the area its likely living close by. At dusk you can often times see them flying around your home and if you look closely you might even see what area of the house they are flying into.




If you're having a problem with bats around your home, take advantage of this coupon code, that can be used with any other promotion. Get your home shielded the right way. Guaranteed results. 

-Bats are not only extremely creepy to look at, but carry a lot of danger with them. Al though good for the eco system it's one of the worst things you can find in your home.

The biggest issues with bats. Don't wait to get shielded.

-Bats are known to carry all sorts of ectoparasites on them, which is just a fancy word for bugs like fleas, ticks and bat bugs.

-Bats are known for carrying many diseases, like the Hantavirus, Salmonella Histoplasmosis amongst other things. Like stated above, insulation is often times needed, as left over insulation from an attic with bats, usually leaves behind a mess of urine and guano that isn't healthy for anyone living in the home. 

-If you are noticing any of the signs listed above, be sure to call a professional to remove them from your home. Bats can often be one of the toughest to remove as they are relentless and can fit in tiny openings. This is why the Shield's Guarantee is so important. It is also important to state, when bats have pups they are very difficult to remove as they are protected by what is known as a "black out period".


Notice any of these signs around your home?

We understand life happens and money can get tight. We offer a payment option as well. We believe everyone should get shielded the right way when they need it. Call today to get more information.

There's only one way to shield yourself.

When it comes to pest control, you need a service provider you can trust. That’s why Shields Wildlife Removal is the best choice for reliable and affordable wildlife removal services. We are committed to providing complete customer satisfaction and offer a customer guarantee that if it’s your problem, it’s our problem. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help solve your pest problems. That comes with the Shield's guarantee.

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Locally operated, fast response

We'll have a tech waiting on standby, we know getting your home protected is extremely important, so we have someone ready when you need them.

We care, our customers matter

Every home is different, we come prepared for anything to make sure our customers are safe, and the process is simple to protect your home. 

Licensed, and insured 

Our safety is just as important as keeping you and your home safe. We send only highly trained and licensed techs to take care of your home.

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Get the Shield's Guarantee 

We take pride in all of our work, we're confident we'll Shield your home. If not we will send a tech back to your home to ensure peace of mind.

"Can we get Shield's to help us with our bats?"

-Of course, it's Simple, I'll walk you right through it.


Step 1: Schedule

Schedule an appointment today (878)-271-3005 we can route one of our highly qualified technicians out to your home today to diagnose what is going on at your home and get you Shield's Safe.

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Step 2: Exclusion 

Once the technician has done a complete & thorough inspection on your home, we will exclude all the areas that we found allowing them access into your home, so you can feel comfortable again.

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Step 3: Follow-up

Most often times, depending the animal that has entered your home, we will use different strategies to ensure they have been humanly removed from the home. To ensure they're gone we will follow up with you. 


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Shields Guarantee!

As always you have our Shield's Guarantee, if the critter we were going after was not removed, contact us and we will be sure to send a technician to your home free of charge.

Be sure to read our Shield's Guarantee page to know how it works.


Austin R.


I had a bird in my bathroom vent, Shields came out and took care of it quickly and at a great price. Would use again

They came out quick and got rid of my problem. Thanks

Bernie G.


Jerry L.


Had an issue with bats in my attic. They sent Jim out to inspect my house. I couldn't be happier. I was about to sell the house and the home inspector found the bat droppings. Shields came out quick and Jim's understanding of bats was amazing. They helped me from start to finish. 

We'd be happy to serve you and your family and keep you safe from any pest you're dealing with. Call today to schedule your free inspection. Let us serve you the right way.

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Service Area- Pittsburgh and surrounding areas.
Phone: (878-271-3005
Email: ji

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